The next-generation static application security testing tools

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Here we go for a comparative between two mindblowing static application security testing engines 🔥 please introduce CodeQL and SemGrep. 🔥

Note on CodeQL that the analysis relates to the GitHub acquisition.

These tools are amazing and literally throw a…

Run application security testing at scale and investigate loots.

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Security testing refers to the capability to detect well-known vulnerabilities and weaknesses in software application and infrastructure by running a set of non-deterministic security testing cases. Note that maintaining such power face few scalabilities challenges to

  • secure wide and growing scopes of assets
  • maintain scanning tools and their detection rates

Security regression testing is the final piece of a successful vulnerability remediation workflow.

Update August 2, 2020:

Projectdiscovery releases authentication capability.

Among the projects to be achieved by an application security engineer, security regression testing is a continuous security testing workflow to ensure that well-known and fixed vulnerabilities remain resolved after code changes. …

Automate open-source dependency policy with Dependabot to watch and mitigate security issues in open-source dependencies.

Configuring GitHub Dependabot security updates

GitHub starts to demonstrate its vision of cybersecurity by integrating tons of security features on its platform. …

A look at opportunities to make money with crowd-sourced and community-based cybersecurity.

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Ethical hacking is an incredible activity to make quick bucks. At the cutting edge of new forms of work, Cybersecurity activities provide, for a part of us, flexibility of work but less guarantee of a payout. …

Toufik Airane

Product, Cloud and Application Security Engineer | Building Privacy and Security Features for Applications as a Service. ☂️

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